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Iron & Rose

Valentina Passalaqua, Project Calcarius, Hellen Bianco, Puglia, Italy

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Valentina Passalacqua grows indigenous grape varieties on the uncompromising limestone soils of the Gargano national park in Puglia, in the heal of Italy. ⁣After several years working the vineyards, alentina decided to isolate some of the plots which have exclusively Kimmeridgian calcareous soils and give very particular and delicious characteristics to the wines. We have three of the resulting Project Calcarius wines, a red, white and orange, all labelled with 20, the atomic number of calcium (Ca) and its atomic weight, 40.08. But you knew that. As with very many of our wines, the viticulture is organic and the winemaking wisely and considered non-interventionist. These wines all share a terroir driven, deliciously nervy, super-drinkable style.

Producer - Valentina Passalaqua
Country - Italy
Region - Puglia
Variety / Blend - Greco, Falanghina
Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic / Biodynamic
Low Sulphate