The climate shapes them, and the soils and farming culture of each place are influenced by the local lifestyle and the foods they enjoy.

Everything we sell, we source from producers with strong environmental and ethical policies. Pretty much all of what we sell is grown organically, some biodynamically. Lots are produced entirely naturally with nothing added and nothing taken away.


Simply because our experience is that wines made this way taste best, are more authentic and are filled with life and individuality.
Enlightened producers around the world are experimenting; questioning the orthodoxy, rediscovering purity and simplicity, preserving diversity, and farming in a more natural way.

While our focus is firmly on wines from organically and biodynamically farmed vineyards, above all our focus is on wines that taste good.

Some of our wines may be a little hazy, some might have, shall we say, strong personalities but they are authentic, artisan products and speak of the people and places that made them.

Want to know more?

Come and talk to us, drink some wine, maybe have a bite to eat if you are at one of our bars, or buy a bottle to enjoy at home.

For the food at both of our venues, GlouGlou and PetitGlou, our policy is to work with producers who farm and make food in much the same way as the growers who make the wines we offer.

We are fortunate to live in a region blessed with amazing farmers and producers.

If we don’t make it ourselves in the GlouGlou kitchen, whether it’s cheese, cured meat, or anything else, the chances are that it comes from just up the road.