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Iron & Rose

Valdibella, Ninfa, Sicily, Italy

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Valdibella is a cooperative mixed farm which, as well as being organic and promoting environmental biodiversity, through the 'Jonathan' project reaches out to help disadvantaged members of the community. They produce wine, wheat and pasta, almonds and oil, vegetables and legumes, grown on hillsides around Camporeale, 35km southwest of Palermo. 

Ninfa is a delicious, accessible orange, made from Catarratto Lucido (a mutation of Catarratto with slightly thinner, almost transparent skins) with 10 days skin contact during fermentation. An amazing hazy burnt orange colour it has aromas of mandarin, ginger and citrus. On the palate it has the classic orange edge but lovely roundness which makes it great for those new to skin contact wines or who are not their biggest fans! 

‘Ninfa’ or ‘Nymph’ comes from ancient Greek folklore. The Nymphs presided over various natural phenomena and were responsible for the care of the plants and animals of their domain. In this instance, it is meant to represent this sort of ‘harmony’ in the wine itself and the vineyard where these grapes were grown.

Delicious to drink with, for example, a casserole of leeks, root veg, chicken and pearl barley. (Check out the Nigella Lawson recipe in January 2022’s Observer Food Monthly.)

Producer - Valdibella

Country - Italy

Region -  Sicily

Sub Region - Camporeale

Variety / Blend -  Catarratto
Wine Style - Orange Wine

Farming - Organic