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Iron & Rose

Valdibella, Dhyana, Sicily

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Valdibella are back with another banger.
Dhyana, a word which is a state of one-pointed absorption in which there is a diminished awareness of the surroundings, the seventh limb of buddhism and the training of meditation.
While the Valdibella coop's main focus is on wine they embrace polyculture, partly to enhance biodiversity in their environment, and produce food - pasta, flour, almonds, oil and vegetables- with produce from their members.

This wine is produced from Perricone, a local varietal which produces this amazing colour from just a direct press, it is light with a savoury, spicy edge.

Delicious with a mixed salad of summer veg or as an aperitif.

Producer - Valdibella Coop
Country - Italy
Region - Sicily
Appellation - Sicily
Variety / Blend - Perricone
Wine Style - Pink Wine
Farming - Organic