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Iron & Rose

Tinto de Rulo, Pipeño, Yumbel, Bío Bío Valley, Chile

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It’s easy to think that all Chilean wine production is the traditional French / International grape varieties; Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc etc. But it was not ever so. Producers like Tinto de Rulo, a project created by three friends, are rediscovering the traditional varieties of Chile and regenerating ancient plots of vineyard in the process. Pipeño is made from Pais from 70+ year old vines growing in Yumbel, 500km south of Santiago. 50% of the juice is fermented in big lagares of old Raulí wood (Chilean oak), and 50% in amphoras. Pale in colour but full in flavour it is perfect with rillettes, grilled sausages or a cheesy, mushroomy quiche.
Producer - Tinto de Rulo

Country - Chile

Region - Bío Bío Valley

Variety / Blend - Pais 100%

Farming - Organic