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Iron & Rose

These are a few of my favourite things MKIII - no whiskers on kittens, just wickedly delicious wines - a six bottle box set

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Here are six wines we're loving at the moment, an unashamedly indulgent case for wine lovers looking for something fresh. If you were going to buy your lovely wine guy a present, these would be the wines he'd like please!

Most of these are produced in tiny quantities and available for only a limited period so the contents of this case will change but at the moment it's this. To order any of these individually, please contact us. 

White Wines:

Tetramythos, Kyrenia Roditus, Peloponnese, Greece - Overlooking the gulf of Corinth is the village of Ano Diakopto, once described (all the way back in 150AD) as the ideal place for grape cultivation by the geographer Pausanias. Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos is normally found working at Tetramythos but here he has made his own label wines, farming organic local varietal Roditis. This native grape is slightly pink grey grape from 45 year old bush vines growing at altitude above the gulf of Corinth.

Producer - Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos
Country - Greece
Region - Peloponnese
Appellation - Diakopto
Variety / Blend - Roditis
Farming - Organic

Domaine Paul Gadenne, La Débaroule, Savoie, France -

Think Savoie and think Off Piste!     

Gone are the days of boring chalet wine, we are now in the era where Savoie wines are getting the recognition and attention they deserve.

Paul Gadenne realised their potential when he moved to Chignin and started helping out on his childhood friends, families vineyards. From there he studied winemaking in Beaune before returning to Chignon and having the opportunity to try out winemaking for himself. Paul is taking an organic approach to farming and a low intervention approach in the winery where he is working with wild yeasts.

Producer - Domaine Paul Gadenne
Country - France
Region - Savoie

Appellation - Chignon
Variety / Blend - Jacquere
Farming - Uncertified Organic


Vigneti Tardis, Venerdì, Paestum Bianco, Campania, Italy -

Jack Lewins, former sommelier and co owner of Leroy in Shoreditch and Bruno (Mr Aglianico) de Concilis are the two driving forces behind Vigneti Tardis. Cilento may share the same varietals as Taurasi and Avellino but as a territory it differs greatly and in a region famed for its big, powerful wines Vigneti Tardis are offering a much more delicate alternatives.

This range is called "La Settimana' (the week) and each wine is named after each day. Venerdi is a blend of Malvasia, Trebbianno and Coda di Volpe which is blended and then fermented on fiano skins for 2 weeks in stainless steel & then rested in oak for 12 months.

Producer - Vigneti Tardis
Country - Italy
Region -   Campania
Appellation  - Paestum, Cilento
Variety / Blend - Malvasia, Trebbiano, Coda di Volpe
Farming   - Organic / Biodynamic

Red Wines:

Eduardo Torres Acosta, Versante Nord Rossa, Terre Siciliane IGT, Italy - Absolutely wonderful expression of Southern France's typical blends. Primarily Syrah with some Grenache, Carignan, and Cinsault. This wine is made with a very light touch, no punchdowns or any sort of extaction, leading to a light/medium body and very delicate profile. Stunning aromatic of bright red fruits, spicy edges, and a proper 'garrigue' herbal complexity. Juicy and fresh, but with some well integrated tannins that keep this wine serious yet very moreish.

Producer - Eduardo Torres Acosta
Country - Italy
Region - Sicily
Appellation - Etna
Variety / Blend - Nerello Mascelese 80% Field blend 20% inc. Nerello Cappuccio, Alicante Bouchet and Grenache, white grapes include Minnella, Catarratto, Grecanico and Insolia
Farming - Uncertified Organic

Scions of Sinai, Atlantikas Pinotage, Stellenbosch, South Africa - Scion refers to the top life bearing parts of a plant/vine or can also mean ‘the descendant of’. Sinai refers to ‘Sinai Hill’ – a granite hill in the region of lower Helderberg, to the south of Stellenbosch.

Bernhard is as low intervention as can be, he wants the wine to be a true expression of itself and so there is no manipulation, he says - “I’m not trying to be weird or funky – for me what’s most important is to have that line between vineyard and glass as uncompromised as possible,”

Producer - Scions of Sinai
Country - South Africa
Region - Stellenbosch
Variety / Blend -Pinotage
Farming - Uncertified Organic


Folias de Baco, Uivo PT Nat Curtido, Douro, Portugal  - We love a Pet Nat and this is an all round favourite. Tiago Sampaio farms in the Douro Valley, the home of Port and a very traditional area. However he's doing things a little bit differently. Rather than farming near the river he is growing at high altitude which helps slow down ripening, increase complexity and maintain freshness in the wines. He’s also growing on different soils, with his vines growing in a shist / clay / granite mix in contrast to the more usual shist / slate soils further down the hill.
This wine fermeneted for 6 days on skins, then pressed and bottled to complete the fermentation as per the pet nat / ancetstral method. Unfined, unfiltered, undisgorged.

Producer - Folias de Baco
Country - Portugal
Region - Douro
Variety - Moscatel Galego
Farming - Organic
No added sulphites
This case contains one bottle of each of these wines. If any is out of stock or becomes unavailable it will be replaced by one of equal or greater value and deliciousness.