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Tetramythos, Malagousia Natur, Peloponnese, Greece

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Kitsy's blast from the past... Too many Friday evenings were spent enjoying a glass (bottle) of Malagousia and watching a sunset with friends!

Overlooking the gulf of Corinth is the village of Ano Diakopto, once described (all the way back in 150AD) as the ideal place for grape cultivation by the geographer Pausanias. It is here that brothers, Aristides and Stathis and winemaker, Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos are farming organic local varietals such as Roditis, Mavro Kalavrytino and Malagousia to create the Natur range.

Malagousia grapes are known as the Cinderella of Greek grape varieties and were almost extinct until they started making a come back in the 1970's. Today it is a firm favourite in Greece and favoured for it's aromatic qualities.

Malagousia Natur, made from grapes grown on the north facing, rocky clay vineyards 715m above Ano Diakopto. Grapes are hand harvested and are macerated on the skins for 30 hours , natural fermentation with native yeasts occurs and only the first press, free run juice is kept and then undergoes malolactic fermentation before being bottled unfiltered.

Producer - Tetramythos
Country - Greece
Region - Peloponnese
Appellation - Diakopto
Variety / Blend - Malagousia
Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic