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Iron & Rose

Sorelle Bronca, Prosecco Rosé Brut, Veneto, Italy

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Ersiliana and Antonella Bronca inherited some old vineyards in the 1980’s but that isn’t how you make interesting wines, you make interesting wines by inheriting a deep passion and that is what the Bronca sisters inherited from their father Livio, ‘an aspiration to transform this deep family feeling into a life project’.
Since then the Bronca sisters have more vineyards in Valdobbiadene, Veneto, the home and heart of Prosecco, here they have brought that passion and a true understanding of organic and combined it with modern techniques. 

The two grape varieties are hand harvested and pressed before a temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel, using the Martinotti method. This method was developed by Federico Martinotti in 1895. Base wine is fermented  and rather than bottling it is then put into a pressurised container with yeast and sugar. This kicks off a secondary fermentation and this is where the magic bubbles come from!

Producer - Sorelle Bronca
Country - Italy
Region - Veneto
Appellation - Prosecco Treviso
Variety / Blend - 90% Galera di Collina, 10% Pinot Noir
Wine Style - Sparkling Wine

Farming - Organic