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Iron & Rose

Slobodné, Majer (red), Zemianske Sady, Slovakia

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Slobodne is family-run winery and farm going back to the early 20th century but with a 50-yr break due to the hardships of WWII and then 40 years of communism. They have rebuilt their farm over the past 25 years and now alongside making wine produce crops: barley, wheat, rapeseed, poppies and more; tend livestock; and keep bees. It is run by two sisters and their two partners, Agnes, Andrea, Katerina, and Miso, who are pictured on the label of this wine and the Majer white. 

The Majer wines are multi-vintage blends of the main grapes they farm so the mix of the blend and the winemaking will vary with each version but always staying true to the cause of being an expression of the remarkable place the vines are growing and the remarkable people who farm them and make the wines.

Producer - Slobodné
Country - Slovakia
Region - Zemianske Sady 
Variety / Blend - Blaufrankisch, Alibernet, Cabernet Sauvignon
Wine Style - Red Wine

Farming - Organic / Biodynamic