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Iron & Rose

Schödl, Pet Naturel, Weinviertel, Austria

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 The Shödl family, Mathias, Viktoria, and Leonhard, make extraordinarily complex wines in a region that is Austria's largest wine growing area but has had a less stellar image than some others in Austria.

Weinviertel lies south of the Czech Republic and west of Slovakia, is relatively flat and fertile but what the Shödl family make shows that you should never let your prejudice get in the way of exploration. 

Out in the vineyard the family follow biodynamic principles and they are fond of their growing family of sheep whose grazing in the vines helps to keep the ground cover in check and hence allows them to farm in a no-till fashion for the most part. They make their own compost as well as spray preparations.

Producer - Schödl
Country - Austria
Region - Weinviertel
Variety / Blend - Gruiner Veltliner, Riesling, Roter(red) Riesling, Pinot Blanc

Wine Style - Sparkling
Farming - Organic/ Biodynamic