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Iron & Rose

Cascina Zerbetta, Quattrocento, Piedmont, Italy

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OK, so first up we have to let on that this is Sauvignon Blanc with a tiny amount of Müller Thurgau, grown in Piedmont which, to be honest, might have you scrolling to the next wine already as it doesn't sound like a winning formula but stick with us and we'll explain why this is so worth trying. Paolo Malfatti has a small farm in the Monferrato region of Piemonte and Sauvignon makes up 1 of the 4 hectares of vines, mainly on terra rossa red clay alluvial soils. It's made in a pretty hands off way, the grapes destemmed and pressed then the juice left to settle overnight before a long, natural and gentle fermentation, then three months on lees before racking and bottling with a tiny sulphite addition. Aromatic, dry, gloriously complex and long. That smidgeon of Muller T - a much abused grape variety - adds a subtle but crucial riff.    

Producer - Cascina Zerbetta
Country - Italy
Region - Piedmont
Variety / Blend - Sauvignon Blanc, Muller Thurgau
Wine Style - White Wine

Farming - Organic / Biodynamic