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Iron & Rose

Pequenos Rebentos, Loureiro, Vinho Verde, Portugal

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Márcio Lopes studied as an engineer then went off working in Australia in Rutherglen and Tasmania while in Portugal he worked for Vinho Verde master Anselmo Mendes before starting his own projects including Pequenos Rebentos. Initially he used grapes Alvarinho and Trajadura (found over the border in Galicia in Spain too) but latterly started using local variety Loureiro which is well suited to the slightly warmer and less Atlantic ocean influenced region he works in. This wine is 100% Loureiro. Here’s hoping we get some suitably warm and sunny weather! 

The perfect pairing with shellfish, a wonderful aperitif or wine to share with friends on a sunny afternoon in the garden (we live in hope!) this is refreshing, aromatic and has delicious aromas of jasmine and lemon verbena.

Producer - Pequenos Rebentos
Country - Portugal
Region - Vinho Verde
Variety / Blend - Loureiro
Wine Style - White Wine

Farming - Sustainable