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Moulin de Gassac, Classic Blanc, Pays d’Herault, France

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It’s 780, during the reign of Charlemagne and the first vines are planted in the Gassac valley. Fast forward to the 1970’s and Véronique and Aimé Guibert fall in love with Mas de Daumas Gassac, the farmhouse that is nestled near the river, and decide to continue the venture.

As well as the Guibert family who had the courage and vision to create a quality focused producer in a region which at the time was known for pretty much just high volume, low cost wines, we need to thank Henri Enjalbert for the very special wines of Mas de Daumas Gassac. If the Geography professor from the University of Bordeaux hadn’t noticed the terroir and attributes of the region then the change in fortunes of the Languedoc we have seen over the last decades may not have taken place.

This wine is from the diffusion range produced by the family behind Mas de Daumas Gassac and like the wines of their illustrious big brother these have gone from strength to strength and can be a fantastic and more affordable alternative to their Bordeaux counterparts.

Producer - Moulin de Gassac
Country - France
Region - Languedoc - Roussillon   
Appellation - Pays d’Herault
Variety / Blend - Terret, Carignan blanc
Wine Style - White Wine