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Iron & Rose

Milan Nestarec, Atyp, Moravia, Czech Republic

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Milan Nestarec is a name that has shaken the wine industry to it's knees, those natty wine enthusiasts seek Him out, even having a dividing dating system, there were those wines BN (before Nestarec) and those AN (after). 

He is a humble wine maker and claims to be normal - 'Not using herbicides & other industrial treatments? Normal. No fooling around in the cellar? Normal. Not adding sulfur? Normal.', in reality this isn't normal and the wine industry needs to find these game changers and take notice. All Hail Nestarec!

Nestarec explains the story behind this wine best...'Atyp is kinda our “Brutal” – a platform for all our craziness/experimentation/fun. On one hand, we chisel our classic wines to their core and continue to work on the little details to make them more and more pure; on the other, we still have some beautiful but diverse material and opportunity to play with it. We are lucky enough to have the space to try, learn and sometimes gawk with our mouths open. No borders for Atyp. Anything is possible. Who decides where the limit is? Who decides what is and isn’t over the edge? #1 is a a red-white field blend from vineyard that shone so brightly when I tasted it that it had to be bottled. Young, bright, feisty, ready to be drunk now. Aromatic and quite atypic, if you ask me…'

Producer - Milan Nestarec
Country - Czech Republic
Region - Moravia
Variety / Blend - Wild field blend including Blaufrankisch, Portugieser, St. Laurent, PiWis, Muscat, Gruner Veltliner
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic 
No added sulphates