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Iron & Rose

Mas de la Font Ronde, Pompon Blanc, VDF, Gard, France

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The Moulin family have been farming in the village of Villevieille for over 300 years. Brothers Vincent & Yves, bought their farm 20 years ago and converted to organic agriculture 5 years later. They grow international varieties of grapes which go to the local co-op and keep the local varieties for their own project, Mas de la Font Ronde. They also grow wheat, potatoes and chickpeas and use horses for ploughing as they find it quicker than using a tractor.

The Pompon Blanc is a blend of the region's white varieties; Carignan Blanc, Ugni Blanc and Grenache Blanc. It's had a touch of skin contact before being aged in tank for six months. Saline, grippy and bright.

Producer - Mas de la Font Ronde
Country - France
Region - Languedoc
Variety / Blend - Carignan Blanc, Ugni Blanc, Grenache Blanc

Wine Style - White Wine   
Farming - Organic