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Iron & Rose

Domaine Luneau-Papin, PM&M Garance, Muscadet Sévre & Maine Sur Lie, Loire, France

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Sometimes you just can't beat the classics. Muscadet fell out of fashion, another victim of its own success possibly, but the style is unique and when good, unmistakeable. This wine is made from 100% Melon de Bourgogne grown on a single vineyard with stony, schistous soils. The Sur Lie bit in the name is about aging the wines on the lees, the solids left from the fermentation, the skins, dead yeast etc, which gives the wine extra depth and complexity. The art is knowing how long to do this for and how much batonnage (stirring up the lees) to do. In this case over 8 months and regularly.

The wine has the characteristic grapefruit, lemon acidity, expressive and complex. Amazing with mussels and as an aperitif.

Producer - PM&M Luneau - Papin
Country - France
Region - Loire
Appellation - Nantais

Variety / Blend - Melon de Bourgogne

Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic