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Iron & Rose

La Stoppa, Trebbiolo Rosso, Emilia Romagna, Italy

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The Real Wine Fair is a biannual event in London, an independent festival of natural winemakers and growers who work organically and / or biodynamically and with few or zero interventions in the winery. People making real wine. This year, 2022, there were over 170 wine growers from all round the world, some new arrivals and some visionaries who were there from the start of the natural revolution and who still set the standard. 

Amongst the latter is Elena Pantaleoni from La Stoppa in Emilia Romagna. Elena has been attending the fair for a number of years and it was such a pleasure to meet Elena and have the time to talk to her about how the world of natural wine has changed, how interest and awareness has grown.

La Stoppa is unusual but wonderful in that they only release their wines when they are ready. But this reflects the tradition of Italian winemaking. Wines that are fantastic to drink with food, and to share with friends.

We have Trebbiolo, a boldly fruity red, a blend of local varieties Bonarda and Barbera. And Ageno, an amber wine made from Malvasia di Candida Aromtica, Ortega and Trebbiano, hugely complex, with aromas of rose, candied citrus peel. Also Macchiona, another red made from Barbera and Bonarda but while Trebbiolo is made for drinking relatively young while the fruit flavours are to the fore, Macchiona is one to enjoy with a few years in bottle. A rare treat.

Producer - La Stoppa
Country - Italy
Region - Emilia Romagna
Variety / Blend - Barbera, Bonarda
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic