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Iron & Rose

La Roche Buissiere, Petit Jo, VDF, Vaucluse, France

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What do you want on wet weekend? "A beaker full of the warm South" would be one thing for sure.

Petit Jo is a Grenache / Syrah blend made from grapes grown organically on vineyards near Vaison La Romaine.
Antoine Joly, who turned his back on a career in waste water management to take over the family farm, and his wife Laurence make beautiful, expressive wines using just the indigenous, naturally occurring yeasts, gentle ferments, no fining or filtration.
Keats would have approved.

On 1st December while setting up glou glou for re-opening 2.0, I suggested to Kitsy that we finish the day with a glass of wine. We decided, rather than drinking a whole bottle, which would have been easy, to instead go for 1 of the wines going on by the glass from the next day. There were many firm favourites and a few new additions to consider, but given the menu, Pomona Peng with bread, twirlers and chocolate lebkuchen, only petit jo would do. From the first aromas, the wine clearly wanted to leap out of the glass and assault our senses. Subtle red and black fruit, met with a light white pepper spice warmed us up for what would be a stunning example of organic wine making done to perfection. A round, warm coating, viscous, fruity, lightly spiced and moreish was what we found. It just made you want to return for the next sip to enjoy the transportation to the southern Loire climate and terroir. Absolutely delicious, perfect for this time of year and a definite contender for the Christmas dinner table this year.

Jack - glou glou general manager - Dec 2020

Producer - La Roche Buissiere
Country - France
Region - Southern Rhone
Appellation - Vaucluse

Variety / Blend - Grenache, Syrah    
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic