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Kusmi Infusions Herbal Teas Gift Box

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A beautiful gift set from Kusmi teas in Paris, an assortment of 45 muslin bags of flavoured herbal teas, here is what Kusmi has to say about it...

Breaking news! Do you love fruity herbal teas but also have a soft spot for spiced flavors? The Kusmi Herbal Teas set is hot off the press and offers you whatever your heart desires…

Fall under the charm of this super colorful selection… You can live the dolce vita with AquaRosa and AquaSummer, two fruity herbal teas to be enjoyed hot or iced. Do you need to take some time off? Feel Zen and Lovely Night are your go-to choices. Indulge in their rooibos base combined with a blends of apple-caramel and lime-licorice-pear, the latter of which is topped with sweet notes of honeybush. Pure deliciousness! And that’s not all! Our personal favorite is Happy Mind, a relaxing herbal tea with hints of moringa, turmeric, and dragon fruit. You can also take a trip back to your childhood with our organic blends Almond Rooibos and Vanilla Rooibos. Alternatively, for a well-earned break, we have found a snack you can enjoy guilt-free: Sweet Break, with its mix of fruity and biscuit notes. And at the end of the day, spice up your evenings with Only Spices, our favorite spiced blend!

You get the picture: the organic Kusmi Herbal Teas set is the perfect gift, but don’t forget to treat yourself as well!