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Kusmi, Ceylon OP, Organic tea - 100g tin

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Here is what Kusmi has to say about it..

An organic black tea with full-bodied flavors from the enchanting island of Sri Lanka. Let the magic take hold…

Ceylon tea is a leading classic and yet always has a surprise up its sleeve. Every time you enjoy a cup, it opens up new, unexplored notes and flavors…

You will be tasting all the mysteries of Sri Lanka when you sip on this organic Ceylon black tea. Welcome to an island home to an enchanting mountainous region where tea bushes stretch as far as the eye can see. Ceylon black tea is grown in a carefully selected plantation renowned for the long leaves it produces. It offers a rich, powerful flavor and a round, chocolaty scent you just won’t be able to resist.

Ready for an unforgettable, tasty adventure with a steaming cup of organic Ceylon tea?

Organic tea available loose because it’s good for the planet.