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Iron & Rose

Hundred House Coffee, Nom Nom - 227g

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Half the caffeine. Double the flavour. A sessions coffee for when you need to slay all day with none of the jitters.

Entered to the 2019 Great Taste Awards, Nom Nom won in the regular espresso category, proving you don’t need the buzz to get your flavour bomb on. Now, Nom Nom is the go-to for all-day sippers, late night lattes and serious session brewers. Take on a more-is-more approach to non-stop coffee.

When extracted as espresso, you’ll find dried fruits, chocolate and hazelnuts.

Get greedy. Let your inner cookie monster loose … Nom nom nom nom

Suggested espresso recipe:
Weight in - 18g
Weight out - 34g
Ratio - 1:1.9
Extraction time - 25-26 seconds
Flavour Notes - dried fruits, chocolate, bergamot

Suggested Filter Recipe

Weight in - 18.5g 
Weight out - 270g
Ratio - 1:14.6
Brew time - 2mins 45 secs
Bloom - 40g, for 30 secs
Water temp - 92c
Flavour notes - Sweet Orange, Raisin, Hazelnut