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Hundred House Coffee, Luz Mely Sanchez, Peru - 227g

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Hundred House Coffee -

FARM: Luz Mely Sanchez
REGION: San Jose de Lourdes
VARIETAL : Caturra
PROCESS : Washed

Luz, Roger, and their relatives collectively manage the coffee farms in the area. While each family member owns their own land, Roger oversees the picking, processing, and drying of the coffee.

The harvested cherries are placed in bags for an overnight pre-fermentation process. This maceration step contributes to a pronounced fruited note in the cup. After pre-fermentation, the cherries undergo depulping and are then fermented for 24 to 36 hours. This extended

fermentation period adds complexity to the flavour profile. The coffee is carefully dried in a ventilated greenhouse on a wooden patio lined with plastic. Once the coffee reaches a moisture content below 11%, it is considered ready.

After drying, Roger transports the coffee. The high altitude of the region contributes to the coffee's pronounced citric acidity. The extended fermentation process and cherry maceration enhance the cup's fruited notes, creating a harmonious flavour profile.