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Hundred House Coffee, Ande Peruano, Peru - 227g

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Hundred House Coffee -

FARM : Ande Peruano Coffee Producers Association
REGION : Jaén Cajamarca
ALTITUDE : 1680 - 2969 MASL
VARIETAL : Catimor, Typica, Pache, Catuai
PROCESS : Washed

The Ande Peruano Coffee Producers Association is a non-profit social enterprise, established in 2020 in Jaén, Peru. It is comprised of over 260 coffee farming families providing agricultural services to improve economic outcomes and quality of life for its members. Ande Peruano also aims to sustain the local coffee growing regions through the promotion of organic and sustainable practices.

The participating growers in this particular lot include: Loayza Quispe Ramiro, Herrera Quispe Maria Delicia, Guevara Flores Alfredo, Tocto Calderon Santos, Jesus Gastelo Saucedo Santos, Vinses Guevara Flores Asuncion, Jimenez Garcia Juventino, Abad Herrera Alcides, Bravo Guevara Rene, Dianires Guevara Flores Asuncion, and Guevara Perez Severino.

Ande Peruano farmers are located across the provinces of Jaén, San Ignacio, and Utcubamba with altitudes ranging from 1680 to 2169 meters above sea level. This wide distribution allows for an extended 8 month harvest from March to October each year. The variation in microclimates and varietals, including Catimor, Typica, Pache and Catuai, contributes to a spectrum of flavour profiles.

Cherries are selectively hand-picked at peak ripeness. Eco-friendly wet milling techniques are used to pulp, ferment, wash and sun-dry the beans. Careful processing retains the intrinsic qualities of each coffee's origin. The dried parchment is stored in clean sacks before export. For 2023, Ande Peruano projects over 15,000 quintals of green coffee, continuing its upward annual growth. The organization remains committed to its members and customers through responsible farming, quality improvement and stability.

Peru's unique geographic features, including the high altitude of the Andes, volcanic soil richness, and tropical rainfall, make it a prime location for producing high-quality Arabica coffee - the Cajamarca region is no exception.

Historically, Peruvian coffee has been sold short by large-volume supply chains and roasters prioritising value over quality. Over recent years, Falcon Green Coffee Traders has aided Peruvian farmers to fulfil their potential, including establishing a coffee lab in Jaen, Cajamarce where farmers can bring their dry parchment for quality analysis. The coffee lab allows some local farmers to try their own coffee for the first time. Falcon's assistance in Cajamarca has increased productivity and allowed Peruvian farmers to move past any outdated preconceptions and fully showcase the hard work and amazing coffee on offer.