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Hundred House Coffee, Dubale Dukamo, Ethiopia - 227g

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Hundred House Coffee -

FARM: Dubale Dukamo
REGION: Dambi Area, Bensa, Sidama
ALTITUDE: 2050 - 2200 MASL
PROCESS: Natural

This lot comes from the 26 smallholders that make up the Dubale Dukamo producer group. Farms are located in the Dambi area of Sidama regional state near to the town of Bensa. This large coffee growing area covers 66 hectares and the main varietal grown is 74158. The area benefits from a very high elevation of up to 2200 metres and the coffee grows under a canopy of native shade trees like false banana and other shade-giving perennials.

These varietals come from wild plants in the Metu-Bishari forest in the Illuababora zone in western Ethiopia. They are known for their resistance to CBD and produce high yields, as well as having pronounced citrus and floral characteristics. Buriso processes his coffee at his family home and since, like most small farmers, only produces natural coffees as there is little to no access to mechanical de-pulping machinery.

Farmers here are conscious of their environment and are particularly focused on water conservation due to the erratic rainfall experienced over all the coffee areas of Ethiopia during the 2021/22 season. Around where the coffee grows the farmers create ridge irrigation to help the soil moist and nutrient rich. Organic fertiliser is added to the base of the tree which consists of discarded coffee cherry pulp with manure and other prunings.

This lot is naturally processed and sun-dried on raised beds before going to the Yosef dry mill for hulling and sorting.