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Iron & Rose

Heinrich, Naked Red, Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Burgenland, Austria

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Gernot and Heike Henrich are life long innovators. Since taking over the family estate in 1985 they have constantly sought to improve and explore. Now farming biodynamically, which they see as being right for the planet and better for the wines, they were among the first to move to focus on quality and champion local grape varieties.

After hand-picking fermentation is with indigenous yeast. It spends two weeks on skins post fermentation in wooden vats and steel tanks. The wine is aged for a year in old wood casks before bottling.

Pure, dark red berries and a herbal spiciness. A light juicy red with fresh acidity which Heinrich describe as “seriously uncomplicated”. Best served shaken according to the back label !

Naked wines are made with minimal intervention, nothing to hide behind.

Producer - Heinrich
Country - Austria
Region - Neusiedlersee-Hügelland, Burgenland
Variety / Blend - Zweigelt, Blaufränkisch and St. Laurent
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Biodynamic