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Gutierrez Colosia, Oloroso Jerez, Spain

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This 'Colosia' range is high quality and individual, by husband and wife Juan Carlos and Carmen, producing 100% natural wines using the traditional crianza-solera method. The grapes are grown around Jerez, grown in Albariza soils. Albariza is the lightest soil (Alba translating to white) and is the best for growing Palomino grapes. From a wine point perspective, Albariza is a high moisture soil, retaining power and storing rainfall in order to nourish the vines in the dry summer months. The soils are a mix of limestone, clay and sand, similar characteristic to soils in regions like Chablis and Champagne. 

This Oloroso is aged for at least five years in American Oak, made up by means of biological aging (action of flor yeast). There is a stunning impact to the wines profile, with the sea breeze whisking through the winery. Full bodied, nutty sherry with a fragrant aroma. 

Producer - Gutierrez Colosia
Country - Spain
Region - Jerez

Variety / Blend - Palomino

Wine Style - Sherry