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Iron & Rose

Gonzalez Bastias, Naranjo, Maule Valley, Chile

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200 year old Pais bush vines, 5th generation of the same family, organic farming and environmentally aware production in every sense. Chilean wines that are light years from the me too, international varietal mass. An amazing complex amber wine from one of Chile's oldest yet most adventurous producers. Hand harvested grapes grown in the granite soils on banks of the Maule river where no additional irrigation takes place. These grapes are then manually crushed through a 'Zaranda de Coligue', a back breaking job or manually rolling grapes across a slatted frame to extract the juice. Fermention with native yeast occurs to the blended grapes before the Pais juice is added followed by 4 weeks on the skins before spending 6 months in Chilian Fudre. Only the first juice is bottled with no fining or filtration 

Producer - Gonzalez Bastias
Country - Chile
Region - Maule Valley
Variety / Blend - 40% Pink Moscatel, 40% Torontel, 20% Pais
Wine Style - Orange Wine
Farming - Organic