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Iron & Rose

Folias de Baco, Renegado, Douro, Portugal

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Tiago Sampaio farms in the Douro Valley however he's doing everything a little bit differently. Rather than farming on the river he is growing old and new vines at high altitude and this helps slow down the ripening process. Another differing factor is the soil type, his grapes are growing in a shist/ clay/ granite mix which is a little unusual from the normal shist/ slate soul elsewhere.

This is a blend of roughly 25 local varieties with a split of 50% white and 50% red, they are vinified together and macerated for 2 days, the results are a super fresh light red/ deep rosé with juicy acidity from the grapes grown at altitude.

Producer - Folias de Baco
Country - Portugal
Region -   Douro
Appellation  - Alijo
Variety / Blend -  Field blend 50% White, 50% Red
Farming   - Organic (and non certified biodynamic)


Sulphate free