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Iron & Rose

Felicette, Grenache Rouge, IGP Pays d’Oc, France

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This is an example of what Grenache from the south of France can do so well - easy, fruity, spicy and affordable. Grenache has a tendency to high alcohol and can sometimes be over-extracted and over done in an attempt to make it into what it isn't naturally - a big full bodied wine. It's better when it's treated with a lighter touch and made in a more medium bodied, aromatic style. To be honest, the label is somewhat unrelated to the wine but it is cute and reflects the easy going style of the wine. Purrfect (sorry, couldn't resist an easy pun) with a wide range of food or would be good to drink on its own too. Not built for a long life but fine for a couple of years.

Producer - Felicette
Country - France
Region - Languedoc - Roussillon

Appellation - Pays d'Oc
Variety / Blend  - Grenache

Wine Style - Red Wine