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Iron & Rose

El Risco, Calatayud, Spain

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Norrel Robertson MW is known by another name in the rugged hills or Aragon, ‘El Escocés Volante’, or in English, The flying Scotsman. A Scot may be the last person you would expect to be making wine here but with extensive wine knowledge and a Masters to boot we’re glad he has found this parcel of ancient bush vines in a region that is slowly being abandoned.
El Risco literally means the crag and is a nod to the unforgiving landscape where these ancient bush vines grow, however the wine contradicts the name as it is anything but harsh and unforgiving, a fruity and wholesome wine that is lively, youthful and rounded. 

Producer          - Norrel Robertson
Country            - Spain
Region              - Aragon
Appellation       - Calatayud
Variety / Blend - Garnacha, Bobal, Syrah
Wine Style        - Red Wine

Farming            - Organic