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Iron & Rose

Domaine de Thalie, Les Cosmics, Bourgogne Aligoté

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Peter’s secluded corner of Southern Burgundy is striking for its biodiversity: polyculture, cattle farms, deep forests, and mixed agriculture, far from the monoculture that is more prevalent further North. The vines for this wine are between 300 and 400m in altitude with a wide diurnal range that preserves acidity and freshness even in hotter vintages. 

Aligoté is often seen as a secondary grape in Burgundy but it can be delicious. Like this one. A bit fresher and lighter in fruit than Chardonnay but great complexity, in this case, and that lightness makes this a joy to drink.

Producer - Domaine de Thalie
Country - France
Region - Burgundy
Appellation - Bourgogne Aligoté
Variety / Blend - Aligoté
Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic and biodynamic principles