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Iron & Rose

Domaine Capmartin, Cuvée de Couvent, Madiran, France

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Simon Capmartin has been mixing things up and causing a stir in a quite traditional region of France for over a decade. First he went completely organic in the vineyard and now he is on the road to biodynamic certification. His winemaking follows the principles of low intervention with no added sulphates, wild ferments and gentle handling to create natural wines with soft tannins and an easy going structure, in contrast to the big, grippy wines traditionally made in Madiran. 

Made from 100% Tannat, the bunches are destemmed then fermented in open tanks with manual punch downs. Some of the resulting wine is aged in 500 litre oak barrels, the rest is in concrete tanks which results in a big, bold wine with well balanced tannins and dark plum and berry notes.

Producer - Domaine Capmartin
Country - France
Region - South West France
Appellation - Madiran
Variety / Blend - Tannat
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic / Biodynamic principles