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Iron & Rose

Domaine Capmartin, Agrumes & Caetera, Top Pacherenc du Vic Bil, France

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Simon at Domaine Capmartin has been mixing things up for over a decade, first going completely organic he is now on the road to biodynamic certification. His wines all follow the principles of low intervention with no added sulphates, wild ferments and all to create natural wines with low tannins, a change from other wines within the AOC.

Agrumes means citrus in French and so from the name this wine is already bringing something else to the party..

A pellicular maceration takes place, this is something that will happen just before fermentation begins and it involves macerating the grapes in an air tight environment at a low temperature. This gets the first aromas going and once completed a wild fermentation follows. This is a citrus intense wine with notes of pineapple, lemons, limes and a spicy perfume edge.

Producer - Domaine Capmartin
Country - France
Region - Côtes de Gascogne
Appellation - Pacherenc du Vic Bilh
Variety / Blend - Petit Mensang, Petit Courbu, Gros Mensang
Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic / Biodynamic principles