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Iron & Rose

Clos Culombu, Tribbiera Blanc, Corsica, France

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A Culombu is a tube shaped shell used by shepherds to call to one another from hilltop to hilltop. The Suzzoni family began their journey in the 70's, taking on some land and planting their first vines with sustainability being at their core. Today they have over 64 hectares of vines, 12 hectares of olive trees and a herd of 40 cattle that graze over their further 30 hectares of meadows and oak groves. Their estate is all organic and they are currently in the process of converting to biodynamics. They believe that replanting ancient grape varieties and adopting biodynamic practises are the most natural ways to find balance in the ecosystem and have the philosophy 'to stay humble and to always do our best' 

Tribbiera is the ancient Corsican technique of threshing wheat with the help of cattle across a circular granite threshing floor.

100% Vermentino, fresh and delicate with floral aromas and a saline finish.

Producer - Clos Culombu
Country - France
Region - Corsica

Variety / Blend - Vermentino
Wine Style - White Wine

Farming - Organic