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Clement Klur, Pet En L’air, Alsace, France

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If anyone knows anything about Clement Klur it is that his tiny 7 hectare vineyard is as close to nature as you can get. Steep slopes in Alsace are ploughed by a few helpful ponies but everything else is done by hand, the nurturing, selecting and even the wine making process using an old press.

Pet en L’air is the epitome of natural. This wine is described as joyous and light and so takes its name from an 18th century novel about a Prince and Queen of the Amazons. I can’t speak for the novel having not read it but I can agree with the wine.

Riesling and Muscat d’Alsace are hand pressed and bottled 3 weeks after harvest to offer subtle grape juice notes and delicate bubbles with a lengthy and mouthwatering finish.

Producer         - Clement Klur
Country           - France
Region             - Alsace
Variety / Blend - Riesling, Muscat de Alsace
Farming            - Organic / Biodynamic
Vegan, Sulphate Free