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Iron & Rose

The Edit - Robin's picks for this month - a three bottle box set

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The Edit is our monthly selection of what's exciting and drinking well, chosen by Robin, founder of Iron & Rose and still a wine obsessive. The three bottles selected change each month to reflect the season, the food we're enjoying, and often to introduce new arrivals. 

Offered at a discounted price, it is three banging bottles to introduce you to our world of natural wine, to encourage you to delve deeper, or for a treat to yourself or as a gift.

Subscribe for regular deliveries and save even further. Although the price of The Edit will vary according to the wines chosen each month, (this month it is £89.95) it will always be between £60 and £90 and by subscribing you'll save an additional £3.50 off each box set - enough to buy yourself a V60 pour-over coffee from PetitGlou to enjoy while you scan the shelves in Iron & Rose or relax after some intensive market shopping.

    This month's edit features wines from vineyards bathed by coastal breezes. With whites from the volcanic soils of Tenerife and the steep cliffs of Cinque Terre, and a red from the southern tip of South Africa, this box has three dreamy wines that will whisk you away to a beach somewhere for a bit of r and r. 

    This box set contains three bottles, one of each of the following wines, made by inspirational producers, the kind of wines which inspired Robin to start Iron & Rose back in 2016 - 

    Envinate, Benje Blanco, Tenerife, Spain

    Envínate (aka wine-yourself) is the brainchild of Laura Ramos, Jose Martínez, Roberto Santana and Alfonso Torrente, four friends who met while studying oenology at the University of Miguel Hernández in Alicante. They focus on exploring the ancient, Atlantic-influenced terruños of Ribeira Sacra, The Canary Islands and Almansa. Their philosophy is simple: let each parcel fully express itself through traditional farming and wine-making methods.

    Right now there are four different projects under the Envínate umbrella: Lousas overseen by Alfonso Torrente in Ribeira Sacra, Táganan and Benje by Roberto Santana in Tenerife, and Albahra in Almansa by Laura Ramos and José Martínez.

    The Benje wines are taken from small plots on the volcanic slopes of Tenerife, the blanco coming from the northwest of the island from vineyards in Santiago del Teide. Each parcel is vinified separately with 75% of the grapes being pressed directly and the other 25% being left on skins for up to 40 days. Then split 60/40 between concrete and french barrique to age for 6 months on fine lees. Unfiltered and without any added sulphur. 

    An intriguing volcanic white with racing acidity, zippy olive brine and smoky notes.

    Producer - Envinate, Roberto Santana
    Country - Spain
    Region - Tenerife
    Appellation - Ycoden-Daute-Isora
    Variety / Blend - Listan Blanco
    Wine Style - White Wine
    Farming - Organic

    Possa, Cinque Terre Amphora, Cinque Terra, Liguria, Italy

    This wine is from an extraordinary coastal vineyard in Cinque Terre in Italy's north west.
    Heydi Bonanini is one of just a dozen or so growers still working these beautiful but insanely difficult vineyards. He grows exclusively local varieties on sandstone and volcanic soils on a handful of parcels mainly dotted around the village Riomaggiore. His main parcel called ‘Possa’ is perched on a steep rocky slope that leads straight down to the sea and requires a monorail tram to access the bottom parts as it is so steep. Here he grows more than 10 grape varieties, the vines interplanted with over 60 varieties of herbs and vegetables. Heydi keeps bees here as well, the entire slope an absolute haven for biodiversity. 
    For this wine the grapes were destemmed and the wine fermented in amphora with
    5 days of skin contact. After pressing it was transferred back to amphora where it finished fermentation and stayed on full lees until bottling the following February, unfined, unfiltered, and made with no added unsulphur.
    On the nose there are aromas of honey and ripe cantaloupe. Dry but ample and round, a rich, velvety texture with a smokey edge and savoury, almost salty finish. Amazing with fish, fresh young cheeses, chargrilled veg.

    Producer - Possa
    Country - Italy
    Region - Liguria
    Appellation - Cinque Terre
    Variety / Blend - Rossese Bianco, Picabon, Bosco, Barbarossa
    Wine Style - White Wine
    Farming - Organic

    Colombo, I Wonder If You Are Lonesome Tonight, Elgin, South Africa

    We'll let Daniel use his own words for this one, he sums up his ethos and style rather wonderfully -

    "Daniel Colombo is a winemaker. He makes wines  that he wants to drink himself, but when other people like to drink them too then that is actually quite lovely. Daniel uses a style called minimal intervention which means his wines don't have lots of different things in them, just grapes really.         

    He enjoys drinking wines that are fresh and friendly, so those are the kind of wines he makes.

    Daniel is a thinker. He finds himself thinking a lot. And while thinking he thought about making this wine. A lighter style Syrah that reminded him of some other wines he tasted before, in his mind, but possibly in real life. It's hard to really know.

    Grapes are sourced from two special cool climate sites in Elgin and Botriver, treated gently and with respect. This wine treats the drinker in a similar manner. A soft guided complexity that carries you from nose to pallet. Never pushing. Never pulling. Just as it should be.

    A series of different short macerations followed by 10 months in old french oak."

    Daniel is a young guy making the kind of wines we love to drink ourselves.

    Producer - Daniel Colombo
    Country - South Africa
    Region - Elgin Valley
    Variety / Blend - Syrah
    Wine Style - Red Wine
    Farming - Organic principles 

    The wines in this box set are available in limited quantities, so we may need to offer alternatives but these will be of similar price and equal value!