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Iron & Rose

The Edit - Robin's picks for this month - a three bottle box set

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The Edit is our monthly selection of what's exciting and drinking well, chosen by Robin, founder of Iron & Rose and still a wine obsessive. The three bottles selected change each month to reflect the season, the food we're enjoying, and often to introduce new arrivals. 

Offered at a discounted price, it is three banging bottles to introduce you to our world of natural wine, to encourage you to delve deeper, or for a treat to yourself or as a gift.

Subscribe for regular deliveries and save even further. Although the price of The Edit will vary according to the wines chosen each month, it will always be between £60 and £90 and by subscribing you'l save an additional £3.50 off each box set - enough to buy yourself a V60 pour-over coffee from PetitGlou to enjoy while you scan the shelves in Iron & Rose or relax after some intensive market shopping.

    This September it's our seventh birthday so we're celebrating with three wines from wine growers we have worked with since day one and whose wines helped kick off this whole crazy adventure. 

    This box set contains three bottles, one of each of the following wines, made by inspirational producers, the kind of wines which inspired Robin to start Iron & Rose back in 2016 - 

    Vignoble Klur, Pet en l'Air, Vin Petillant Naturel, Alsace, France - The Klur family has worked the land around Katzenthal since the 17th century but while they produce classic Alsace wines they are not hidebound by history. Clément Klur converted his small, 7 hectare domaine, to biodynamic viticulture and winemaking back in 1999, one of the first in the region to do so, and has built a naturally cooled, bioclimatic, grass-roofed cellar, constructed from packed earth.

    This sparkling wine was made by Elisa Klur, the next generation of Klurs, using Riesling, Muscat and Pinot Noir grown on the granitic soils of grand cru vineyard Wineck Schlossberg. Made following the ancestral or petillant naturel method using just the naturally occurring, indigenous yeast for the fermentation and no added sulphites. It is disgorged to help prevent the wine being a little too explosive but watch out when you open it, it can pet*!

    Pet en L’air is the epitome of natural sparkling wine. Pure juicy fruit, lively bubbles and deliciously drinkable at any time of day, from breakfast to bed time! 

    *slang French for fart ;)

    Producer - Clement Klur
    Country - France
    Region - Alsace
    Variety / Blend - Riesling, Muscat and Pinot Noir
    Wine Style - Sparkling Wine, Pet Nat

    Farming - Organic / Biodynamic
    Vegan, Sulphate Free

    Cascina Degli Ulivi, Ivag, Piedmont, Italy Stefano Belloti was one of the originals, a leader of the natural revolution and an inspiration to many, including me. I was fortunate to visit and stay on the farm a few years ago and to witness the difference between Stefano's biodynamically farmed vineyards - full of life and energy - and the by contrast lifeless soils of agrochemically farmed vineyards next door. Stefano's persuasive and informed enthusiasm was infectious.

    Today the poly-cultural farm and agrotourismo in the Piedmont hills is carried on by his daughter, Ilaria, in the same spirit: natural to its core, slightly mischievous, and focused on producing delicious wines and food that truly speak of their origins.

    Ivag is made from Cortese grown in the Gavi hills but Stefano didn't really rate most wines called Gavi and often struggled to get certification to label his wine as Gavi so he reversed the letters and created a new benchmark for the region. 

    This is Gavi, but perhaps not as you know it.

    PS if you want to know more and learn more about the birth and struggles of natural wine, watch Jonathan Nossiter's film, "Natural Resistance" which features Stefano. 

    Producer - Cascina Degli Ulivi
    Country - Italy
    Region - Piedmont
    Appellation - Gavi
    Variety / Blend - Cortese
    Farming - Organic / Biodynamic
    Wine Style - White Wine
    Sulphate Free

    Remelluri, Lindes de Remelluri, Vinedos de Labastida, Rioja, Spain - Remelluri is one of Rioja's iconic producers. Now run by Telmo Rodriguez, Rioja's greatest ambassador and one of Spain's greatest winemakers, the bodega's vineyards all lie together in one space in Rioja Alavesa, tucked up against the Sierra Cantabria.

    Traditionally they also bought grapes from two neighbouring villages, Labastida and San Vicente, and these were used in the main blend but now these grapes are made into separate blends. This wine is made from grapes grown around Labastida which is the higher of the two villages and the resulting wine is slightly lower in alcohol but beautifully balanced and packed with flavour and, happily, not dominated by oak.

    It has an expressive nose with aromas of ripe red fruits, liquorice, vanilla and coconut. It has velvety tannins, the acidity is well-balanced by the flavour concentration and the finish is persistent and long.

    A classic, all killer, no filler. 

    Producer - Remelluri
    Country - Spain
    Region - Rioja
    Appellation - Alavesa
    Variety / Blend - Tempranillo, Graciano, Garnacha
    Wine Style - Red Wine
    Farming - Organic / Biodynamic

    The wines in this box set are available in limited quantities, so we may need to offer alternatives but these will be of similar price and equal value!