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Iron & Rose

The Edit - Robin's picks for this month - a three bottle box set

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The Edit is our monthly selection of what's exciting and drinking well, chosen by Robin, founder of Iron & Rose and still a wine obsessive. The three bottles selected change each month to reflect the season, the food we're enjoying, and often to introduce new arrivals. 

Offered at a discounted price, it is three banging bottles to introduce you to our world of natural wine, to encourage you to delve deeper, or for a treat to yourself or as a gift.

Subscribe for regular deliveries and save even further. Although the price of The Edit will vary according to the wines chosen each month, (this month it is £79.50) it will always be between £60 and £90 and by subscribing you'll save an additional £3.50 off each box set - enough to buy yourself a V60 pour-over coffee from PetitGlou to enjoy while you scan the shelves in Iron & Rose or relax after some intensive market shopping.

    This month's edit features wines that tell the tale of three different river banks; the Loire in France, Germany's Mosel and the river Kamp in Austria. Two whites and one red perfect for drinking in the early summer. 

    This box set contains three bottles, one of each of the following wines, made by inspirational producers, the kind of wines which inspired Robin to start Iron & Rose back in 2016 - 

    Nibiru, Grundstein Gruner Veltliner, Kamptal, Austria

    A collaboration between Josef Schenter and Julia Nather. The name Nibiru comes from a sumerian writing of a planet that wonders through our solar system once every 3,600 years and is the only planet to orbit in the opposite direction to the rest. It seemed the perfect name to encompass their mission to create wines that are willfull and determined to follow their own direction. All of their wines are treated with spontaneous fermentation, without fining or supplements and aim to use minimal sulphur.

    Producer - Nibiru
    Country - Austria
    Region - Kamptal
    Variety / Blend - Gruner Veltliner
    Wine Style - White Wine
    Farming - Organic / Biodynamic

    Andreas Bender, Dajoar Zenit Riesling 2022, Mosel, Germany

    Andreas Bender's wines are a constant at Iron & Rose. "Dajoar" has been a go to Riesling for so many Riesling fans for a number of years - and made many Riesling converts. 

    Andreas was only 13 years old when he made his first wine, learning about viticulture, soil and terroir from his father who was a vine propagator. From then on he knew he was destined to be a wine maker. He studied and then hit the road, working at wineries in Germany, France Italy and the US before he settled back home in 2008 to start his own project on his family vineyards. 

    Andreas' philosophy is unusual in that he doesn't commercialise his top single vineyards separately. This doesn't mean he's not a traditionalist though and actually vinifies grapes from each individual vineyard site separately every year, resulting in a multitude of different cuvées which are later blended to make the best of each vintage into a number of different wines. He believes careful cellar work, simple techniques and natural fermentation are key.

    Andreas' own vineyards are farmed organically and he also works with trusted growers who farm to his specifications.

    In the dialect of the Mosel, the word ‘Dajoar’ means “as the olden days”. It is the term chosen by Andreas to describe this style of Riesling, made as an homage to the Mosel wines of the past: off-dry with a playful sweetness that balances out the crisp acidity. 

    Whilst Andreas makes most of his wines from across his vineyards, his 'Zenit' labels are sourced from single plots only in exceptional year, signifying for Andreas the best the Mosel has to offer. 

    Producer - Andreas Bender
    Country - Germany
    Region - Mosel
    Variety / Blend - Riesling
    Wine Style - White Wine   
    Farming - Organic

    La Niverdiere, Palimpseste, 2018, Chinon, Loire, France

    A little while ago we and some of the GlouGlou team crowded round a screen, having a zoom tasting, learning about a new producer, La Niverdiere, trying wines from three different sites and multiple vintages.

    All wines made in the same way by the same person from the same grape variety but showing subtle and beautiful variations from vintage to vintage and site to site.

    Amazing stuff and a real privilege for us to experience.

    Martine Budé has been making wine in Chinon , Loire, France since 2015. Her wines demonstrate all that’s great about natural wines - purity, energy, charm, and an undeniable expression of place and time, fruit and soil.

    This wine, Palimpseste, was grown on sandy, chalky soils producing a bigger, more structured style of wine. Matured in concrete and bottle, it is rich in Cabernet Franc character; forest fruits, a touch of gamey, savoury, complexity, and supple, textural tannins. 

    Producer - La Niverdiere, Martine Budé
    Country - France
    Region - Loire
    Appellation - Chinon
    Variety - Cabernet Franc
    Wine Style - Red Wine
    Farming - Organic

    The wines in this box set are available in limited quantities, so we may need to offer alternatives but these will be of similar price and equal value!