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Iron & Rose

Victoria Torres Pecis, Malvasia Dulce, Canary Islands, Spain

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The is one of the most traditional wines of La Palma, though Viki is one of very few producers who still make it, maintaining the tradition, and one of the greatest sweet wines of the world. 

Malvasia grapes are grown in deep volcanic soil, the vines trained low to the ground. By late October the grapes are super mature and ripe and ready to harvest with about 40-50% raisins and sometimes (but not every year) a touch of botritys. Viki doesn't measure sugar and goes by appearance and taste,  using traditional experience over tech.

An extraordinary wine, gloriously, indulgently sweet but with an amazing freshness that makes it dangerously drinkable!

Very limited stock so share nicely and just one bottle per order please!

Producer - Victoria Torres Pecis
Country - Spain
Region - Canary Islands
Appellation  - La Palma
Variety / Blend - Malvasia
Wine Style - Sweet Wine
Farming - Organic