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Agricola Gaia, Brich Grignolino, Piemonte, Italy

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Agricola Gaia is a collaboration between Gianluca Ravizza - an agriculturist and oenologist from Asti - and Les Caves de Pyrene. Having worked and collaborated extensively with Fabrizio Iuli (a natural wine winemaker from Monferrato well known by Les Caves) Gianluca now makes his own wines in Alessandria province. The aim of Gianluca’s project is to produce regionally traditional wines by means of low intervention farming.

In the early 1800s, Grignolino was a prized grape in Piemonte and was widely planted, translating as 'many pips', owning to the number of pips in the grapes. This wine is light bodied, pale hued but with a tannic structure and had been overlooked for the now more widely planted Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. Since, it has had something of a renaissance and is mainly found in Asti and the wider Alessandra province of Piemonte. In contrast to Fabrizio's Barbera, this is a lighter bodied fresh and elegant wine packed with red cherries. Excellent as an aperitif, with Italian cold cuts. Could be chilled down on a summers day for extra refreshing drinking.

Producer - Agicola Gaia
Country - Italy
Region - Piedmont
Appellation - Monferrato
Variety / Blend - Grignolino
Wine Style - Red Wine

Farming - Organic Principles