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Iron & Rose

Comando G, La Bruja de Rozas, Castilla y Leon, Spain

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The Sierra de Gredos is a high mountain range in central spain west of Madrid and Comando G was created by a trio of enochalados (crazy winemakers) who had day jobs with serious grown-up wineries but having been friends at university got together for a side project making wines from small, sometimes abandoned, often neglected vineyards scattered around the hills. Comando G was the name of a Spanish / Japanese manga comic in the 1980’s and the wine labels reflect this. Now just two, Dan and Fernando, they approach what they do like it’s done in Burgundy, making very site specific wines, mostly from a single grape variety (Garnacha) but with a much more developed sense of humour and much less developed sense of their own importance. This wine has been matured in amphorae (but not many more than one amphora as it is really small production) and the texture on the palate really reflects this.

Producer - Comando G

Country - Spain
Region - Castilla y Leon    
Appellation - Sierra de Gredos
Variety / Blend - Garnacha 
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic