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Iron & Rose

Colombo, There's Something About You, Elgin, South Africa

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We'll let Daniel use his own words for this one, he sums up his ethos and style rather wonderfully -

"Daniel Colombo is a winemaker. He makes wines that he wants to drink himself, but when other people like to drink them too then that is actually quite lovely. Daniel uses a style called minimal intervention which means his wines don't have lots of different things in them, just grapes really.

He enjoys drinking wines that are fresh and friendly, so those are the kind of wines he makes.

Some things just happen for a reason. Daniel was looking for some new muscat vineyards up the west coast and as fate would have it he somehow managed to find the best one up there. Dinosaur vines that have been around for the past century, dotting a martian landscape. Not easy to get to and by no means convenient. It was perfect. So is the wine. 14 days of whole bunch maceration followed by a long slow press into old barrels. The wine has been kept simple and elegant, as nature intended."

Daniel is a young guy making the kind of wines we love to drink ourselves. 

Producer - Daniel Colombo
Country - South Africa
Region - Elgin Valley
Variety / Blend - Muscat d 'Alexandrie
Wine Style - Orange Wine
Farming - Organic principles