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Iron & Rose

Colombo, I Wonder If You Are Lonesome Tonight, Elgin, South Africa

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We'll let Daniel use his own words for this one, he sums up his ethos and style rather wonderfully -

"Daniel Colombo is a winemaker. He makes wines  that he wants to drink himself, but when other people like to drink them too then that is actually quite lovely. Daniel uses a style called minimal intervention which means his wines don't have lots of different things in them, just grapes really.         

He enjoys drinking wines that are fresh and friendly, so those are the kind of wines he makes.

Daniel is a thinker. He finds himself thinking a lot. And while thinking he thought about making this wine. A lighter style Syrah that reminded him of some other wines he tasted before, in his mind, but possibly in real life. It's hard to really know.

Grapes are sourced from two special cool climate sites in Elgin and Botriver, treated gently and with respect. This wine treats the drinker in a similar manner. A soft guided complexity that carries you from nose to pallet. Never pushing. Never pulling. Just as it should be.

A series of different short macerations followed by 10 months in old french oak."

Daniel is a young guy making the kind of wines we love to drink ourselves.

Producer - Daniel Colombo
Country - South Africa
Region - Elgin Valley
Variety / Blend - Syrah
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic principles