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Iron & Rose

Coast - six wines from vineyards bathed by ocean breezes - a six bottle box set

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Coast. Away from the heat and dust of vineyards far inland or the intense light of the mountains, wines made from grapes grown with the cooling touch of the ocean on them have a freshness and balance and often that hint of salinity. 

This box set contains one bottle of each of the following wines - 

White Wines

Vignerons de Florensac, Pique & Mixe, Côtes De Thau, Languedoc Roussillon, France - The Etang de Thau is a large group of basins in the South of France right on the med and it's here where you find dreamy picpouls. The guys at Florensac have some of the oldest vineyards in this area and they've taken two local varietals and blended them. Picpoul brings a zippy freshness and Terret brings complexity. 

The grapes are picked at night when it is cooler and this helps the grapes retain their freshness and aromas. HVE3 certified which assures the highest level of agricultural sustainability. Vegan.

Tajinaste, Listan Blanco, Tenerife, Spain - From the north coast of Tenerife, not at all what you might imagine! Grown on volcanic soil, this wine is made from Listan Blanco which is more commonly known as Palomino Fino in Southern Spain and usually used to make sherry.

Floral, fresh, lovely balance and intensity but light on its feet. Goes great with seafood but can stand up to a bit of spice, working great with South Asian Food. Vegetarian.

Orange Wines

Cantine Rallo, Vicoletto, Sicily, Italy -

Vicoletto is made from Catarratto grapes grown in sandy soils high up in the Alcamo hills, where the altitude tempers the impact of the summer sun and mountain breezes cool the vines. The grapes ripen slowly over the summer and are hand harvested in the cool of the morning in early autumn then taken down to the winery in Marsala where they are gently pressed.

90% of the crop is fermented in a stainless steel tank without skins, just free run and pressed juice. The other 10% ferments on skins for 12 days, the "orange" portion. The two portions are then blended and bottled without filtering, fining or any added sulphur. 

Aromas and flavours of Sicilian citrus, grapefruit, white nectarine and mediterranean herbs. The texture is rich and round. A beautiful introduction to orange / skin contact white wines and delicious with seafood, anchovies or stuffed Sicilian sardines for example, or perhaps a ricotta filled pasta. Organic. Vegan.

Rosé Wines

Produttori di Manduria, ‘aka’ Primitivo Rosato, Puglia, Italy - Produttori di Manduria is a cooperative winery founded in 1932 but while it is historic it also very forward thinking, a shining light of how coops can be run for the benefit of everyone - its members, its customers and in this case the planet, farming beyond organic and using sustainable processes throughout the vineyards and winery. Organic. Vegan

Red Wines

Iona, Mr P, Elgin, South Africa - Pinot Noir from the Elgin Valley overlooking the Atlantic Ocean 420m above sea level. The ocean breeze creates the perfect cool climate for a long growing season, allowing slow ripening for the grapes to develop complexity and intense flavours. They also have a flock of geese keeping pests at bay. Mr P is super fresh, full of cherrys and a spicy undertone. Organic. Vegan

Alberto Loi, Cannonau de Sardegna, ‘Sa Mola’, Sardinia, Italy - Sardinia claims to be the original home of Garnacha (aka Grenache) where it is known as Cannonau and produces a rather more structured and perhaps serious, savoury style of wine, crying out for some salty, mature cheese or full-on salami. This one’s grown by the fourth generation of the Loi family on their vineyards around Cardedu in the hills of central Sardinia but just a few minutes from the coast. The proximity of the sea makes a real difference to the vineyards, tempering the heat of summer and promoting air flow through the vineyards. Aged in older oak, this wine has great spice from the fruit, developed tannin, intense, complex and floral. Drink now or keep happily for a couple of years. Organic. Vegan.

This case contains one bottle of each of these wines. If any is out of stock or becomes unavailable it will be replaced by one of equal or greater value and deliciousness.