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Iron & Rose

Ciu Ciu, Arbinus, Verdicchio Classico, Marche, Italy

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Massimiliano and Walter Bartolomei are the visionary brothers behind Ciu Ciu (pronounced choo choo), a name given as their Great Grandfather worked for the local railway company. Ciu Ciu is a mixed organic farm in the hills of the Marche in central Italy so as well as vineyards they produce olives, grains etc.

For wines they focus on traditional, local varieties that match the local climate, soils and foods.

This Verdicchio is a true Italian classic. Expect a nose of lemons and limes. In the glass it has a floral and exotic fruit perfume. Full-bodied character with a mineral backbone leads to a pleasant, refreshing finish.

Producer - Ciu Ciu
Country - Italy
Region - Marche

Appellation - Falerio

Variety / Blend - Verdicchio

Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic