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Iron & Rose

Christian Tschida, Himmel Auf Erden Red, Burgenland, Austria

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Christian Tschida is rather a legend in the natural wine making world, he is spoken of in hushed tones and we flock to his name.
Christian Tschida however would prefer not to talk about wine at all, for him his true passion is Art and once you notice one of Christian Tschida's wines you'll be drawn in by the masterpieces on the labels.

These grapes are grown together on a gravelly sandstone just outside of Illmitz near to the Eastern shores of lake Neusiedlersee. The grapes are hand picked very early in the morning helping to retain freshness. Once at the winery the grapes go through the gentlest of presses  extracting only the most delicate of juice before it is aged in very large oak vessels for at least 10 months. Once aged the wines are bottled unfixed and unfiltered.

Producer - Christian Tschida
Country - Austria
Region - Burgenland
Variety / Blend - Cabernet Sauvignon / Zweigelt
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic 
No added Sulphates