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Iron & Rose

Cascina Borgatta, Lamilla, Piedmont, Italy

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Emilio Oliveri and his wife Marisa have been working a tiny two hectare plot of land in the small commune of Tagliolo Monferrato since the 60's where they grow the native vines of Dolcetto and Barbera in silt-sandy soil. Today, the couple are in their 80's and are still going strong, with youthful stubbornness and phenomenal pride, creating some of the best wines in Piemonte. 

Lamilla is 100% dolcetto hand harvested, spontaneously fermented with natural yeasts in concrete tanks. Rustic and fruity, supple and elegant.

Producer - Cascina Borgatta
Country - Italy
Region - Piedmont

Variety / Blend - Dolcetto
Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Organic
Low Sulphates