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Iron & Rose

Casa Belfi, Naturalmente Frizzante Bianco, Veneto, Italy

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We should be eternally grateful that Albino Armani met Maurizio Donadi and they decided to collaborate, they bring us a style of Prosecco that hasn’t been enjoyed for generations.
They apply the Col Fondo method (literally translates to ‘with bottom) where they leave the wine on the lees for a second fermentation and this will make the wine hazier than an Italian summer morning.
If this wasn’t enough to whet your appetite then read on...

This is another one of those wines that tick all the boxes, not only organic and vegan friendly but the winery follows biodynamic principles and zero sulphates are used during any process.

This frizzante is floral and fruity with subtle citrus notes, it’s bone dry but will have buttery pastry notes from the lees contact, as with all great frizzante’s the bubbles are mouth-wateringly delicate. 

Producer - Casa Belfi
Country - Italy
Region - Veneto
Variety / Blend - Glera
Wine Style - Sparkling Wine

Farming - Organic / Biodynamic