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Cantine Rallo, Vicoletto, Catarratto, Sicily, Italy

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The Vesco family at Cantine Rallo really know what they're doing when it comes to making authentic wines that reflect the terroir but don't cost the earth (in either sense).

We are now into double figures with this producer's wines - we're big fans - and when they announced an everyday priced orange we couldn't wait to taste it!

Vicoletto is made from Catarratto grapes grown in sandy soils high up in the Alcamo hills, where the altitude tempers the impact of the summer sun and mountain breezes cool the vines. The grapes ripen slowly over the summer and are hand harvested in the cool of the morning in early autumn then taken down to the winery in Marsala where they are gently pressed.

90% of the crop is fermented in a stainless steel tank without skins, just free run and pressed juice. The other 10% ferments on skins for 12 days, the "orange" portion. The two portions are then blended and bottled without filtering, fining or any added sulphur. 

Aromas and flavours of Sicilian citrus, grapefruit, white nectarine and mediterranean herbs. The texture is rich and round. A beautiful introduction to orange / skin contact white wines and delicious with seafood, anchovies or stuffed Sicilian sardines for example, or perhaps a ricotta filled pasta.

Producer - Cantine Rallo
Country - Italy
Region - Sicily
Variety / Blend - Catarratto
Wine Style - Orange Wine
Farming - Organic     
No added Sulphites