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Iron & Rose

Cantina Di Venosa, Basilicata Rosso Vignali, Basilicata, Italy

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We love indigenous grapes and we love wines from volcanic soils - they seem to have a verve and life that's a bit special. In this case the grape is Aglianico and the volcanic soils in Basilicata in the south of Italy, a slightly forgotten land of mountains, fields and beautiful landscapes. Cantina Venosa is a cooperative winery with around 400 members who between them own around 800 hectares, from which they produce a range of wines including whites and the flagship Aglianico del Vulture. This wine is one of the classic range which expresses the typical regional style, deliciously drinkable with flavors of dark cherry and spice. Great with full flavored pasta or risotto and with roast meats and mature cheese.

Producer - Cantina Di Venosa   
Country - Italy
Region - Basilicata
Variety / Blend - Aglianico

Wine Style - Red Wine
Farming - Sustainable