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Iron & Rose

Bodegas Pisuerga, Aguazul, Verdejo Organic, DO Rueda, Spain

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Bodegas Pisuerga is one of the oldest wineries in Rueda and committed to preserving the health of the vineyard, the environment and the welfare of the growers. Working only with Verdejo in vineyards that sit high on the Rueda plateau they adopt a green philosophy to growing. Cover crops are used between rows to encourage biodiversity. Organic manure strengthens soil health and reduces disease, and attentive work through the year enables the grapes to reach their full potential.

Which would all be for nothing if the grapes were to then end up in the winery and be manipulated out of character but Bodegas Pisuerga takes a low intervention approach to winemaking, picking in the cool of the night and fermenting and ageing in stainless steel to allow the grapes natural flavours to shine out.

Aguazul is a perfectly balanced, delicious example of Verdejo with bright lemons and tropical fruit and a little herbaciuosness. Ideal with sunshine but even when that isn’t available great with fish, salads, and to share with friends.

Producer - Bodegas Pisuerga
Country - Spain
Region - Rueda
Variety / Blend - Verdejo
Wine Style - White Wine
Farming - Organic